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JustMYKO - v1299 Special Database&Anti Cheat System | New World "PHOBOS" 7th February

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Greetings, Well-Beloved JustMYKO Players,
We owe you a great debt of gratitude for your interest in our previous servers.
After the crowded and busy experience of “PHOBOS” server, we have come back with our new server “HYPNOS” to you after working hard for months .
In our new server “HYPNOS”, we have made substantial changes besides Database and Anti Cheat.
Let’s see what these changes are:


As the name itself suggests, JustACS is our new 100% confidential Anti-Cheat system which has been specifically designed only for JustMYKO.


With JustACS;
We have eradicated the PvP players’ problem of “virus” completely by the utilization of licensed KO Launcher. For this reason, there won’t be a necessity of deactivating programs that defend your personal computer against malware such as Windows Defender, Anti-Cheat and Firewall.
As our security system is a unique one and all the updates are made by our team, we offer you 100% protection throughout your experience in the game.
Yet, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be any cheating issue in the game.
Nevertheless, we promise you that we will be observing the JustACS upgrades to the very second of our server and we will be fixing them as soon as we detect any incidence.


What are the features and changes of the new Database?
Besides our new Anti-Cheat system, our new database has also provided ample opportunity of new actions in many areas,


Apart from the features of our previous servers:


Select Character feature
Alt characters will be active in our new “PHOBOS” server.
You can access to your alt characters by clicking on “Select Character” button in the game ‘just in a second’ without logging off from the game.
CLICK HERE for Select Character feature images.


New Collection Race system
We have created equal opportunities for our players who will be playing at both high and low levels by creating different Collection Race events at different zones in the game.
For the CR events, the images of the monsters and the rewards will be presented clearly to you in the form of a box.


New hourly, daily and repeatedly Quests
You will be able to complete your quests without looking for a NPC, with the help of account-defined and automatically calculated quests.
By the help of our new quest system, you will be able to join in many events that you wish in your spare time.
You can check your quests by clicking on “QUEST” button in the game.
CLICK HERE for detailed information.


Each boss has ‘Spirit of’ item with 100% drop chance


What is ‘Spirit of’ item?
Even the bosses that you have considered worthless to kill so far will provide you new opportunities.
For example, consider that you have killed 4 CZ Lycoan Boss. Except the ordinary drops and ‘Spirit of Lycoan’, you will have “Lycoan Pendant” if you complete your set of spirits to 5 by trading or killing one more and give the spirits to the NPC.
With this change, you might be able to sell your ‘Spirit of’ items in Moradon or exchange them with other players.
Also, each boss will have their own stone and these stones will also help the players to create a new market and to have added value to their characters. As a result, we have minimized the factor of “CHANCE” in the game and we have promoted labor.
CLICK HERE for the details of ‘Spirit of’ rewards.


Automatic 1 vs. 1, party vs. party and 8 vs. 8 system has been added.
We have created a system of dueling with other players, which the players will both enjoy it and earn Knight Cash by participating to it.
CLICK HERE for the information related to Vs System.


Medal System
We have added lots of new features as to have a never-ending experience of dueling at Colony Zone. One of them is a Medal item that you will have by completing the set of ‘Spirit of Knight’ items that you will gain by killing an opposite race player.
Killing one opposite race player is equal to one ‘Spirit of Knight’ item.
You will have a Medal item that will boost you up to 5 stages if you collect these ‘Spirit of Knight’ items to a certain number.
CLICK HERE for all the details about the medal system.


4 new Events Map
Besides the events that took place in our previous servers, ‘HYPNOS’ server will have 4 new Events Map.
CLICK HERE to get more information about these new events.


Instant skill and stats reset from the Character and Skills screen
A new system in our ‘HYPNOS’ server will be presented to you to reset your skills and stats without looking for a NPC or any item.
All the players will benefit from this feature for free. CLICK HERE.


Max Nova Range
Upon the mage players’ request from our previous servers, we will be activating the ‘Max Nova Range’ feature in our new server.


Searching for drops in the game
You won’t need to log in to the user panel for monster drops anymore.
In ‘HYPNOS’, you will be able to check monster drops while you are in the game.


Joining to the same party after you get disconnected
Back then, it was pretty hard to reach out to the leader of a party, especially when you got disconnected while you were in macro parties. For this reason, you will be able to join to your current party after you log in to the game if you get disconnected.


Wide playing screen
You can adjust the screen range according to your own preferance by zooming in and out from F10 settings. Click here for the details.


Exp Jar ( Selling your Experience Points)
With this feature, you can sell your experience points to other players and create new fields of farming for yourself.
Click here for Exp Jar details.


New Power up Store
Power up store has been redesigned for you to do your Pus transactions with ease.
New Power Up Store is NPC-based. For example; Your Pus transactions will now be as fast as your speed of opening and selling Sundries.
Power Up Store has now a ‘Gift’ feature. You can send a Pus gift to anyone whom you like. Click Here for the details.


New Auto loot
Rooting settings that weren’t present in our previous servers are now active in our ‘HYPNOS’ server.
You can prevent your inventory from bulging with unnecessary items by choosing your classes that you want to drop while farming. CLICK HERE


In-Party chatting and other extra options
Click on ‘P’ button when you’re in a party to check new features.
Click here for the details.


Blessed Upgrade Scroll
Blessed Upgrade Scroll has been removed from monster drops in our HYPNOS server.
We are planning to decrease the amount of gold bars with the help of coin prizes that we are added to the calculated quests that will automatically be present in your character.


Horn Crossbow is removed from the NPC.
We have added new drops to Lamia and Lamiros, while removing the Horn Crossbow from the NPC.


PM Block
You can block the private messages of people that demonstrate irritating behaviors towards you.
Thus, you can keep playing the game comfortably while messaging with other players.


Daily Monster Stone Quest
Monster stone has been activated in our PHOBOS server.
Yet, monster stones will not be obtained from monsters.
In order to have a monster stone, you have to be over 60 levels and you have to complete the 10 Lich- 5 Manticore – 3 Centaur quest that you can complete once in a day.
1X Monster stone will be given to you when you complete this quest.
Monster Stone drops will give you any item from the ‘RANDOM ITEM’ group that has been adapted to MYKO.
‘RANDOM ITEM’ group has several different drops such as +9 earrings, high class weapons, pus items and few master items.
You can keep track of such quests that are can be completed daily from ‘QUEST’ section.
Click for the details.


Power Up Store Free Shop
Free shops that we presented to you in our previous servers will also be available in our new server with few additions.
All of these items will be given free for our users : “Genie, Offline Merchant, Gender Change, Skill Stat Reset, Swift Scroll Pus”


Ranking Bonus System
The players who will be in the monthly top 100 list will be awarded with extra HP, MP, Attack, Defence, Bonus Exp, Bonus Coin and Bonus NP.
The players in the hourly updated ranking list will also be rewarded.
The importance of both Colony Zone and each gained NPs will significantly increase with this change.
Click here for Ranking Rewards.


FP, Chitin and Chitin Shell values of Mage and Priest characters have been set to 112.
As the result of the false editing of the game, Mage and Priest characters don’t prefer using FP, Chitin and Chitin Shell items.
We have set the INT values of these characters, whose destinies are bound to use Destruction, Paper and Talia instead of using FP, Chitin and Chitin Shell, to 112 in our HYPNOS server.
Thus, Mage&Priest FP, Chitin and Chitin shells will create an added value in the market for those who used to drop them and they will also provide an advantage and visuality for the users.
Additionally, the int values of the staffs that require intelligence such as Salamander-Viper- Elixir have been set to 112.
To summarize, there will be a damage difference between the mages who use +8 Wood Staff and who use +6-7 Salamander Staff. Thus, there will be a balance of justice-damage-item and labor between the characters.
Click here for the details.


Multi Client
Each player will be able to log into 2 different id’s at once so that they don’t waste their time doing farming and shopping separately.


Administrative Staff
Our number of GMs has increased to 6 from 3 upon the increasing number of players.
Thus, we will be working hard to solve our players’ problems, both foreigners’ and Turkish players’, in a relatively short time.


Overall functioning of the server
For the first 2 weeks, our HYPNOS server will continue in 65 level cap.
Master will be active as the server opens.
72 level cap will be activated after 2 weeks, on 25.10.2019.
It won’t be easy to level up and get good items in our server. Yet, it’s obvious that the server itself be the one that will value those who break a sweat.


Partnership with KlasGame
Thanks to our partnership with KlasGame, we are delighted to announce you that we’ll presenting you fast and secure shopping while giving Bonus Rewards.
Click here for our KlasGame showcase.









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